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Direct sales means selling a product or service directly to the customer.

It is also sometimes paired with  MLM – multilevel marketing – in which customers who buy products also become vendors.

This makes sense when you think about it – if you’re buying products directly from a company – avoiding the markups and middle men – why shouldn’t you resell them?

This helps the company market its product to a wider audience and puts money in your pocket as well.

It even offers opportunities for potentially large earnings – again both for the original seller/supplier and the consumer/sales agent.

Direct sales/MLM is a concept that is fairly well established by now. The internet and the evolution of marketing thought in general have encouraged a type of business interaction that is”networky.”

The direct selling/MLM approach is a win-win sales model – everyone gets involved and the traditional seller to consumer pattern is made more participatory and egalitarian.

Though the idea has been around for a while (consider how long, say, Amway and Avon have been going) its still a good thing for entrepreneurs – whether they are starting out from humble beginnings or as seasoned business people – to reflect on and study, both by considering its basic philosophy and by studying concrete examples.

Let’s take as a case in point a company called Nerium International.

NeriumAD is a product that is revolutionizing anti aging/skin care.

Using ingredients from the Nerium Oleander flower, it is highly effective in making wrinkles and rough skin disappear.

The product, and the company that now sells it, were stumbled upon more or less accidentally when scientists at Nerium Biotech discovered the flower’s skin enhancing properties.

They learned to extract the key ingredients from the plant and developed a skin cream product that they hoped to market in traditional ways.

However, they reconsidered, joined forces with a direct sales guru named Jeff Olson (now the CEO of Nerium International) and developed a direct selling/MLM marketing model.

The company sells the astoundingly effective skin cream to grateful customers (both women and men), and these enthusiastic adherents to the product resell it on the sheer strength of its quality.

They usually say the product sells itself.

The approach has had spectacular results, leading Nerium International to millions in annual sales and ever increasing numbers of devoted customer/sellers.

An integral factor in direct selling/MLM is the idea of cooperative effort, of win-win, of an arrangement that boosts sales while also creating friendly and mutually beneficial business associations.

The overall lesson here is that if you have a product or service that you would like to sell, consider approaching it in this way, and consider working with internet sites, networks, and utilities that emphasize this sort of approach.

One such internet presence is Empower Network – a combined blogging platform, multilevel marketing network, and educational resource that helps entrepreneurs of all types get their direct marketing messages out to an increasingly wide audience, learn expert techniques, and kick their businesses into high gear.

The key here is the multileveled, cooperative, network based model on which the system is founded.

Nothing is handed to anyone without effort – the work, creativity, and drive are all your own.

But the process is greatly facilitated and streamlined by Empower’s savvy and expertise as in the direct sales/MLM field.

Effective direct sales and MLM networking is something that takes focus and energy.

It can be done in any number of ways, and they all, finally, come down to how much energy the individual is willing to put into the venture.

The nice thing about Empower Network is that it helps to facilitate this process, drawing on the know-how, experience, and technological sophistication that come with the internet’s evolution as a marketing force.

Check out Empower Network – it just may be the vehicle that takes your business to the top!



Origami Owl is right up there with a number of other truly stunning teenage entrepreneur success stories bouncing around these days.

Youthful Arizona native Isabella “Bella” Weems founded the company, which sells jewelry through a network of independent jewelry makers, at the tender age of 14.

That was only a few short years ago, after she had told her parents that she hoped they would buy her a car on her 16th birthday.

It seems mom and dad weren’t into indulging Bella’s every whim. They told her that if she wanted a car she should earn the money for one herself, and suggested she start a business.

Given the way things turned out, that was some of the best parenting she could have received.

Bella had earned a few hundred dollars doing – you guessed it – babysitting, her parents matched these funds, and she used the money to buy some jewelry materials.

Soon she began making lockets and selling them at boutiques, parties, and jewelry shows.

They were a hit, and the business began to take off.  Soon Bella was able to open a kiosk at the local mall.

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