How To Be An Affiliate Marketer Without A Website

by Jeremy Delgado in Affiliate Marketing

Have you ever wondered “how to be an affiliate marketer without a website”?

Day in and day out people go online looking for a better opportunity or a way to make money from home.

Affiliate marketing, internet marketing niche is one of the most sought after niches on the internet.

Individuals are starting to realize that the internet is not going anywhere, and making money online is achievable.

Aspiring entrepreneurs are getting smarter and smarter as the days go by.  High level executives to pizza delivery boys are jumping online to find the freedom lifestyle people talk so much about.

There is not a day that goes buy if you are online you see some blogger, internet personality or youtube video in the news.

It’s time for you to get your feet wet

Many new affiliates see a website or blog as a cock block to the prize :)  This is clever thinking and definitely not something someone like me would do to an internet besti… holla achya boy!

Let me tell you about a way to become an affiliate marketer without a website, needing to know code or customer service.

There is something called direct linking

What direct linking does is gives you a special link that is coded to you as an affiliate.

This special “link” or ” code at the end of the domain name or tracking link is tied to your information and tells the company or business that you are promoting that you are the one that captured the lead, made the sale or generated the call in.

With direct linking you don’t have to worry about setting things up (website), creating content (copy writing), customer service (pain in the a$$).

Direct linking is fantastic to get started with as an affiliate marketer because you can test the waters with new products, free trials, or zip submits.

The time affiliate marketers save with direct linking is unbelievable.

Now as a marketer you can just focus on strategies and tactics on how to drive traffic to your “special link” (direct link) and collect checks.

Direct linking is becoming more common now to the internet marketing arena.

Every business pretty much has an affiliate program because they have realized that when you have affiliates, you have little soldiers out there doing your marketing and advertising for you.

You don’t have to pay them until they create an action (opt-in, purchase, trial).

How to do internet marketing without a website?

We live in this instant gratification society…add water, drive through, throw it in the microwave…

Direct linking let’s affiliates generate income, leads, sales right from the get go..

If you want to be a SUCCESSFUL affiliate marketer without a website you have to know what to look for in the company, service, network you are promoting.

  • Landing Pages
  • Content
  • Sales Video’s
  • Testing
  • Opt-In Rates
  • Back End Products
  • Up Sells

These are areas that direct linking affiliates want to pay attention to in order to get the biggest bang for your buck out of your advertising and marketing efforts.

I don’t want to go into to much detail right now… maybe a different day on each of those categories and what to look for to becoming a successful inernet marketer without a website…

For now I want to save you the time and effort I went through in order to find what I think is the best site/opportunity to promote without needing a website.

Empower Network pays out 100% commission on almost all of their products!

That is unheard of from an affiliate company/product.

If you go to some of the highly popular networks like clickbank, shareAsale or commission junction you will see that you receive usually as a industry standard anywhere from 20% to 50% of the sale.

Majority of the time on other networks/products the actual sale of the item/product is only $50-$150 dollars…

How many sales would it take you of a $50 product @ 20% commission to replace your monthly income?… crazy right!

Empower Network on the other hand gives you 100% commission on HIGH TICKET items, with fantastic sales copy on the sales pages, easy to use “direct links” and basically let’s new affiliates market without a website.

So many wannabee affiliate marketers fall victim to the drudgery of creating everything on their own.

How about you find out what it is like to become an affiliate marketer without a website and have fun doing it.

  • Don’t stress about:
  • Landing pages
  • Hosting
  • Accepting Payments
  • Customer Service Questions
  • Refunds

As an affiliate marketer with Empower Network all you have to do is find people that are looking for what you got and get your direct link (special link) in front of them.

Do this right and your only question will be what do I feel like having with my mole enchiladas… Carona or Dos Equis?

Stay Thirsty My Friends,


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Tim McDaniel

I would like info on how to become an affiliate marketer with the empower network.


Jeremy Delgado

Hi Tim-

Thanks for stopping by.

I have provided the links below.

Step One:
quickly enter your email here

Step Two:
Grab your Viral System Here

Once you get done with those two steps you will have the opportunity to sign up as an affiliate.

Let me know if you need any help.

Welcome aboard


aka lee

Hi, Why do you have to pay for the Viral blogging every month $25 and also watch a video for 9 mins someone going on and on?

What a waste of time.


Jeremy Delgado

aka lee-

I see you are a guy that does not like to waste time.

Here is the direct link to sign-up:

Why pay $25 a month? Because it is worth it and it can make you soo much more!

Talk to you soon buddy!


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