Break Through Your Barriers, Become a Success

by Jeremy Delgado in Internet Marketing

In this post I’m gonna be sharing some nice, juicy concepts with you that I’ve learned over the past few years and I’ve really embraced in the past few months.

This is gonna be like the filet Mignon of all mindset techniques (sorry vegans) so I want you to pull up a chair and enjoy this meal.

And if, by the time you’ve read to the end of this post, you don’t get it. READ IT UNTIL YOU DO!

This shift in mindset could change your whole life and like I said it’s taken me YEARS to fully grasp…but I’d rather it took you just 30 mins.

I think the best way to explain what I’m going to teach you is through a story.

This is a story of two young men, both trying to make it in this big bad world and where they end up.

Jeff and Mason were both bright eyed boys who grew up together in the same suburban neighborhood of (Imagine its  a real neighborhood).

They loved to go outside and play whether it was so sunny that they were tan in an hour or so rainy that they didn’t even bother putting on a jacket cause they knew it’d be soaked anyways.

It was a delightful childhood with many of the young dramas we’ve all been through like failing a test, going on their first date, and joining sports teams.

Then just like that they were all grown up and headed off to college.

It was a tearful goodbye for both sets of parents but Jeff and Mason couldn’t wait to get to UC (The University of College).

They got a two person dorm room and were living together! FINALLY they were gonna live their dreams.

But unlike most guys, their dreams weren’t about girls or parties or drinking.

They each secretly wanted to start a business but had never told each other and would never find out till 2 years later.

Jeff was reading business book after business book and reading forum after forum.

Mason, on the other hand read 1 or 2 books and then tried out what the books said.

He would usually fail and then repeat the process, but after about 2 months of doing this he actually had somebody tell him they thought what he was doing was “cool.”

And that pretty much made him feel like a success so far.

By this time Jeff felt like he had FINALLY found the one book that was gonna change his life.

He stayed up all night reading it and, after a short nap, jumped on his his computer and put together a website. He was up and running by the end of the day and so he went to bed.

The next day he got up and saw that NO ONE had come to his site.

“That’s weird” he thought, since he set it up so perfectly.

So he did a couple more things and then went to class, then to sleep and he checked his website again the very next day….still nothing!

This went on for a week and by the time day 7 of nothing happened he decided he was never gonna try again.

I mean why try, it was supposed to work and it didn’t.

He thought he’d make at least SOME money by day 7…He actually thought it was ridiculous there was no money coming in on day 1!

So he quit…

A year later Mason and Jeff are talking about their Spring break plans for Sophomore year since their both 21 now (They both got held back in 5th grade, a funny story for another time) and they were trying to decide between going to Panama City Beach in Florida or Cancun, Mexico.

Both places seemed awesome and they knew that wherever they went they were gonna have a blast.

So they hopped on the computer, hit the Google chrome button and started looking at vacation packages and this is what they saw.

CANCUN All Inclusive Resort and Central Hub for all the HOT parties, 5 day package $1,200

PANAMA CITY BEACH All Inclusive stay at Party central at the HOTTEST Spring Break location, $1,200

With the price being the same they were at a crossroads, and that’s when Jeff told Mason something he’d been holding back the entire year.

“Dude, I can’t go on Spring Break.

I’m broke and I have no money and my parents won’t loan me any” he said with a look of sadness and embarrassment.

Mason was shocked when he heard this and realized he had been doing so well in his business that he just assumed everyone else was doing great too.

“Hey man, I didn’t even know sorry” Mason said a little sheepishly.

But then he said something that made Jeff smile from ear to ear.

He told him that he’d pay for his trip cause he’d been making a ton of money in his business and that when they come back he just had to promise to follow ONE piece of advice.

Jeff promised he would do anything, so Mason put down the deposits on their tickets, closed the laptop, and then told Jeff to listen really carefully.

The advice he gave to Jeff transformed his life in the months that followed their EPIC Spring Break adventures and that is the advice I’m going to give to you now.

Success= Knowledge + Action + Failure

And if you want to get even more specific knowledge= 1 & Action= 5 & Failure= 10

Believe me, if you take 5 times more action than you consume knowledge you will be on such a blazing fast track that you won’t recognize yourself or your business in a month, 2 months, 3 months, and you will be a TOTALLY different person living a TOTALLY different lifestyle a year from now.

With that in mind you need the RIGHT information and know the RIGHT action to take.

But before I delve into that I want you to RE-READ what you just read again if you don’t fully understand it.


Okay, now that you fully understand it you can take the right course of action by getting the right information and being coached by the right people.

That’s where team MOJO comes in.

Team MOJO is in the game, we are on the right track, people are doing the right things.

Team MOJO is pretty much the Mason to your Jeff right now, so head over to the Partner page (Click Here) and look at the advice/specials we give you.

Don’t hesitate, don’t give up, and don’t expect results in the next 7 days (but it can happen).

If you do you’re gonna end up just like Jeff.

Be willing to fail over and over and over again until you make it.

If you’re afraid to fail then this isn’t for you.

If you’d rather DREAM about a million dollars than MAKE a million dollars this ISN’T for you.

BUT if you are ready to treat this like a real business, like someone who spends $250,000 to open a restaurant or $500,000 to open a subway.

If you are ready to ETG (embrace the grind) and ready to fail BUT KEEP GOING team MOJO is the team for you!

And one of the best parts is, that it’s NOT gonna cost you anywhere NEAR $250k-$500,000!

Not even $20k-$30,000.

It’s going to cost you more in ACTION TIME and FAILURE than money.

Let me say this once again before you hit up Team MOJO.

You have to be willing to take action before during and after you fail over and over again.

Because every time you do you learn more and more and get better and better.

I heard a guy say something last week that I really liked and it was “Think about a strongman slamming with a hammer a huge boulder over and over again. He punches it over and over again, bloodying his hands, he’s sweating.

He’s been slamming it for so long he can’t even stand anymore so he’s on his knees now, he’s getting hungry and he can’t even feel his hands anymore but he NEEDS to break the boulder and THEN on the 9,999th hit it cracks open.”

Be like Mason, Be like the strong man, and Know that:

Success= Knowledge+Action+Failure


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James Merritt

Great post! I really enjoyed the story and it help me capture what I need to do become successful in the online market. You are correct it is a mindset and you will fail many times before you make it a success. Trust me I ha e failed many times. Key element is to not give up and to continue pushing!


Jeremy Delgado

James! Good to see you man. Thanks for stopping bye. Keep crushing it!


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