What Is Empower Network

by Jeremy Delgado in Empower Network

The one big question everyone asks is “what is empower network”?

I will do my best to explain Empower Network to you the way that I believe and understand it…

Empower Network is an education and training business with an internet marketing spin.

Individuals (also called empower network affiliates) get an opportunity to learn from two individuals, David Wood & David Sharpe the principals and strategies that helped them get from rags to riches. See their story at -> David Wood & David Sharpe what-is-empower-network-picThe Empower Network System is laid out in an educational form where you follow step by step tutorials and training. The trainings are fit for individuals who are just starting out as well as individuals looking for more advanced topics or techniques. Inside Empower Network Products you will find a blogging system, business training, personal development training and marketing training.

Who can benefit from Empower Network and it’s products?

  • Business owners that need to know how to market online
  • all self employed individuals looking to market themselves
  • Any MLM, Network Marketing, home business owner that wants to learn how to generate leads online for their primary business
  • anyone that is looking for a way to make money online from home

I will give a little quick empower network review on what I have discussed above and what the products solve:

  • Now a days business owners are being bombarded with junk mail, black hat technique consultants and advertisers that are promising them Google #1 page rankings in an hour or sometimes 30 seconds… LAME!  Business owners need to know the nuts and bolts on how to drive traffic or at least some strategies on how to do so… even if it is just to save themselves time and money on who to work with for their SEO, SEM strategies if they do not do it themselves
  • Self employed individuals sometimes do not have deep pockets to put towards marketing themselves.  Ask any self employed individual and they will tell you their biggest problem is advertising and getting their name out there.  The self employed really need tips, tricks and sometimes just the nuts and bolts in order to move forward.  They don’t need all that “filler” stuff other programs give you…
  • Network Marketers are booming right now and it’s a tremendous time to be in the industry.  MLM companies are popping up like crazy and in order for you to be able to stand out you need a road map, something to tell you… this is working or this is NOT working and how to be ahead of the curve rather than behind it
  • Empower Network has two sides: There is the… “let us teach you side” and the “make money with us side”.  The Empower Network company gives you the opportunity to promote their product if you got anything out of their education and system.  The opportunity to promote their products is COMPLETELY up to you.  Many folks just go to them for the education and learning but because of their fantastic compensation plan, people are promoting their digital products like crazy because of the 100% unheard of commission structure.

What does Empower Network Cost?

The Empower Network products that I list below are all of the fees, expenses or costs to own/run/promote/buy/sell/get paid on or learn from. You do not have to BUY all of them, you can pick and choose what you want or what you want to do… If you are a business you can just buy the education and learning… If you are in the network marketing, internet marketing industry you may want to only buy EVERYTHING because of the fantastic training, the blogging system and the opportunity to refer others and get paid to do so! $25 – Viral Blogging System (Monthly) $100 – Inner Circle Audio (Monthly) $500 – Costa Rica Intensive (One Time) $1000 – $15K Formula (One Time) $3500 – Masters Course (One Time) $25 – Video Hosting (Monthly) $19.99 – Affiliate/Merchant Fee (Monthly) That is the nuts and bolts of “what is Empower Network“. Feel free to click on any of the products and you will be taken to a “more details” page that talks about the products and lets you make the call on if you need them or not. The internet and social media is taking over the world… More and more people are moving online… Empower network is helping the common man/woman learn how to take advantage of the changes going on as well as make money helping others. Check out the product links, they are worth the read.. Stay Hungry,


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