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by Jeremy Delgado in Empower Network

Empowered People!

This is Delgado coming to you live from my home office, sitting in the dark around 12am writing to let you know that I am a New uncle again =}

My brother and sister in law have just had their 2nd child, a boy that came out at 9lbs 7oz and 21 inches long!!!!!

I am sooo excited I cannot sleep!

I am 6.5 hours away from them so I have to wait till the weekend to see my new nephew but they sent me a few pictures that I have included here.

I love babies, I love them soo much!

I truly feel that babies bring out the best in everyone and make everyone feel ok with being goofy around them… like making baby noises and stuff like that, even though it can be annoying at times, it always brings a smile to my face seeing adults and kids interact with babies with such love and care.

I am sitting here in the dark typing away with excitement because not only did I get a new nephew today… though they don’t have a name so I cannot call him by a name yet but I also made a HUGE commitment today!


I have made a commitment to myself the way my brother and sister in law made a commitment to be the best parents possible for the new little guy.

I will be using the empower network platform to the best of my ability!  I am going to go and complete or…. start the 8 core concepts that they always talk about as well as make a commitment to FINISH them.

I am also, going to start a video blog or write/update everyone on a daily basis or regularly on what is going on in my life as well as what I can do to help each and every one of you guys/gals reach your goals or overcome your hurdles if you have any.

I am super excited but very nervous about this journey!  I am a really private guy about my personal life to be honest.

My life is pretty dang good but I don’t like sharing it with people I don’t know.  I do believe in people and feel that this journey is going to be so exhilarating as well as such a learning process that I am excited about the whole thing.

I think opening myself up to the world is going to allow the world to open up to me and I am going to experience so much that I have been missing.

I have been documenting some of my life’s journeys as well as recording things I have been doing and things that I enjoy such as tennis, mountain biking, lifting, running and just overall being active.

empower-networkI am excited to share this with the community as well as my business knowledge and just general FYI things that come to my attention.

I have been putting off the empower network for some time and I firmly believe now is the time to get after it and have life changing experiences that come along with the journey of learning something new.

I am excited to try and do my best to GET OUT OF MY OWN WAY.  I have a HUGE EGO and if you speak to anyone that knows me they can vouch for that.

I am a great person and know when it is time to listen up and do what is told.  I know there are soooo many people changing their lives with the empower network system, I want to be a part of that change as well as the community.

I see so much giving in the empower network system and I really feel I have something to contribute and am ready to do so.

Every time I am on a call or hear about someone’s story that is making it happen in empower it makes me want to meet them and congratulate them for taking a step in the unknown and sticking it out until they make it happen.

I am a very determined person in a lot of the things that I do, but for some reason I have always stopped short of my goals in the network marketing, MLM and Direct sales arena.

I think I fell into the “you’ll get rich” tomorrow mentality!

The crazy thing is I know that the internet marketing industry works and I have made it work before… heck I have had a $3500 day before in this industry in a company I was with a little while back that is no longer in business.

I think the people behind empower network are the one’s that really pushed me over the edge to say…. THIS IS IT!

The leaders in empower network are the one’s that have shown me that anyone can do this!

I am ready to see where I can go with this system as well as what I can become with it.  I love the people business and love relationships with people.

empower-network-blogAt first I thought the internet was keeping everyone apart with less communication and interaction and now that I am understanding it better, I am seeing that the internet and the empower network system is bringing people closer together!

I am so excited about being part of a community as well as sharing my story with everyone that will listen.

I guess I have to create a story… or at least RE-create it so I can tell it in a fashion that will excite and uplift others to share theirs and let people know that everyone has a story and EVERYONE must tell it.

To be honest I am just typing right now at night in the dark at 12:41 because I am excited about what I am going to do with empower and what empower is going to do with me.

I am sitting here in my boxer shorts by American eagle… my favorite, the one’s with the thick white band just typing away with the things that flow through my thoughts.

I probably will not go back and proof read this and to be honest maybe I am not writing THIS post for others… maybe I am writing it to myself to let me know/remember the feelings I had on this day as well as help me remember WHY I am doing it!

I feel like I have soo much to say but really do not know how to say it because this blogging thing is soo new to me.

Blogging itself is not new to me but MYSELF blogging is NEW.

It is sooo crazy that I am nervous to continue to write, though I feel I have so much to say!

It might seem weird that I am about to say these things because these people do not know me but I am going to recognize them because in a way each and every one of them has helped me get over my ego and ACTUALLY move forward with the Empower Network System.

So here is a big thanks to:

  • David Wood & David Sharpe for creating the system and being the individuals they are, putting together all that they do and also for JUST BEING YOU!
  • Tracy Walker for just being so involved on the calls and at the events (I have not been to one but have seen recordings) and talking straight to me even though you don’t know me.  For being truthful and honest on the work it takes to succeed as well as what you must do to DO IT!
  • Vick Strizheus for making SOOOO much money even with a crazy accent that allows all of us to believe that we all can do it.
  • Tony Rush for always always always speaking words of encouragement into everyone and saying it as if you were saying it directly to me as if you were looking me in the eyes with both hands on my shoulders firmly holding me almost lightly shaking me letting me know I can and I will.
  • Aaron Rashkin for being an incredible hulk looking figure and making TONS of money in the process and helping me get over my fear of… if I make a ton of money I will become weak or overweight in the process.
  • Laura Parish for sharing her story and making it happen on her terms and her way no matter what the situation or circumstances.
  • Lawrence Tam for being a funny Asian guy that anyone can relate to and that everyone wants to be friends with and to help everyone know that people will like you for you.

All of these individuals I have just listed above I have not met, interacted with or do they even know I exist.  I have only heard or seen them through calls or video’s.

I just felt like I should give them a shout out because they are doing big things for this community and the system.  I truly feel the world needs more people like them in order to make it a better place.

I wish them continued success and cannot wait to meet each and every one of them…. and you can bet your ass I am going to get a pic with them each also…..

Last but not least is a couple of guys that I have never met in person but have had many email conversations with as well as blog comment interactions.

  • Maurice Katz for speaking with me and motivating me while I site on the sidelines as every one else makes money.  Maurice and I have become pretty good buddies and he has helped me a lot on the mindset factor and believing in the process and system.  Maurice is not even my direct mentor but gives his time and effort when he can to just chat and converse and let me know he will do what he can to help.  Maurice is a guy with a big heart and someone that is going to do big things in this community and Maurice is a big reason why I am getting involved with empower.  Maurice Katz is just one of many individuals that I feel make the empower network community what it is today and I am soo excited to see what the community will become in the near future.
  • Brad Campbell for sharing his tips, tricks, skills, and MOJO with people he meets and come across his blog.  Brad is a guy who took matters into his own hands and made things happen.  In addition to being everywhere on the internet for highly searched terms, he is also someone that WALKS the walk.  He puts his money where his mouth is and teaches people how to be who you are and make money doing it.  Brad has a way of breaking things down (KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid) in a way that every newbie and experienced individual can understand and implement!  I am proud to call him my mentor.

Well folks if you are with me still at this point I really do appreciate you!

I have my 9-5 to get to in the morning and it is now 1:08am cst.

Please feel free to leave your comment love down below, let me know what you thought of my MANIFESTO.

I am excited for the journey and cannot wait to party and hang out with this tremendous community on the beaches of the world.

Just Believe,


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