Justin Verrengia, Empower Network and Makin Money Bloggin

by Jeremy Delgado in Empower Network


My notes on Justin Verrengia and Makin Money.

I have blogged a quick summary of my takeaways from Justin Verrengia and blogging.

Justin struggled for 5 years without making any money blogging prior to the empower network platform.

If  others are blogging successfully then you CAN figure this out is Justin’s mantra.

Justin went to an event, started blogging consistently and made $26K a month.

1st year blogging pulled in a cool $191k.

Treat your blog like a million dollar business because it can pay you like a million dollar business.

How do you blog you ask?

How do you overcome your fears… you DO, you just blog.

What do I blog about?

The best part of a blog is it does not matter, you just blog and at the end of the day you just get traffic to your blog and see what resonates with people coming to your blog.

What are some topics to blog about?

An example could be Books you have read, movies you have seen but most important write from the heart and be passionate about it.

Share your story!

Blog daily!

You have to blog everyday.

Verrengia blogged everyday and between 90-120 days things started to happen.

Not much happened in those 90-120 days, but he got a little traffic and eyeballs inside that 90-120 days.

Towards the end and a little after that, things started to happen and the leads came and signups started.

Quality or Quantity?

Put all your energy into one blog post that is valuable but don’t take all day.

Get the blog post done and use the rest of your time to promote the blog post you just wrote.

Use avenues like email, newsletters, social syndication…

It’s all about quality.

The power of setting intentions:

What is the purpose of your blog post?

What you expect from the universe is what the universe will give you.

Example: I want this blog post to inspire people to take action, I want to touch people so they relate to what I am talking about.

There is a power in being you!

You want to be unique and authentic.

The best part about this is you can be yourself and be successful here.

Ways of getting traffic to your blog.

Provide the best possible content that you can.

Where does traffic come from?

Social media, Facebook, YouTube…

At the end of the day it only matters how many people you got to your website, not where it came from.

Do something everyday, you master it, you figure things out and you get better everyday.

Where your focus goes, your energy flows.

Start blogging with the intention that you will be generating 20-30 leads a day from free marketing.

Congruent Message:

Who is my target audience?

If you are reviewing/blogging about a book, you have to use a language that the audience can relate to.

If you can help people get what they want, then you will get what you want.

Comment interaction:

Comment back on comments to have that authenticity and relationship.

Let others see that you are interacting with people that interact.

Use your blog as a way to communicate with a list.

Verrengia uses his blog post as something to send to his list.

Create a relationship with the people that are already on your list.

Be different, send the list quality and people will enjoy your info.

Do you want to make the type of money Justin Verrengia is making?

Come on board with the number one team in Empower Network and let us help you expedite the process to your success.

See you on the other side,


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