Ways To Repurpose Content

by Jeremy Delgado in Internet Marketing

Have you ever wondered if there are leads, like’s, G+’s or twitter shout outs that you were leaving on the table?

Well you are if you are not repurposing your content.

What I mean by that is, many people are using different search engines and platforms to find what they want.

Not everyone is using google like we think…

Example, yesterday I was looking for the best way to compress my photo’s for my blog.

I did a search on yahoo answers because I knew if I was looking for something someone else before me probably was as well.

Also, I needed to figure out how to use a new keyword tool so I went to youtube and typed in “how to use…”

What I mean by this is everyone uses something different to find what they want.

Why should you as an internet marketer only use one avenue of content syndication?

I will list a couple things you could do to increase your awareness and brand on the internet with your ALREADY created content.

Create slides with bullet points of popular posts/content you have and upload it to slideshare.

You could have one slide or 100 slides, it does not matter.  Put up a summary of your content and direct people where to go if they want more info.

Take those same slide share slides and create a little video to where you talk to the slides and upload that video to youtube and other video sharing sites like viddler and daily motion.

Create a video podcast (create RSS feed, submit RSS feed to itunes, submit RSS feed to other services). <- there is even a wordpress plugin for that :-)

Take your previous video of the powerpoint slides that you spoke to and get the video transcribed and upload the transcription on your video’s as “Closed Captions”.

Create a PDF from the transcription, add in the slides and screen shots of what you are talking about.  Syndicate the PDF to services like Scribd.

Create an article that talks to the summary that you just create from the popular content that you previously wrote.

Submit that article or articles to services like ezinearticles.com and goarticles.com.

Send out your article as an email newsletter.

Spin article and submit it to other article directories.

Fellow marketers these are just a few of the many ways to repurpose content.

Never let you limit what you can do.

With so many ways to find information on the internet, you want to make sure you are in front of people WHEN they are searching for what you have.

Ask yourself “if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around, does it make a sound”?

If you have the best content in the world but no one can find it, is it useful?

Rank and Bank,


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Tanya K.

Delgado wow. Great content and definately something that online marketers do not think about. I was always concerned on just keywords but I found digging a bit deeper with what potential clients were looking for and the verbiage they used expanded more options. Thanks for the great info.


Jeremy Delgado


Great points! I too first thought it was all about keywords. I think Google is too smart now and they will give your blog G-Love if you just write with a purpose as well as quality and readability :)

Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to seeing you more often.



Geez dude way to blow the secret out lol. Seriously though you make it easy to understand how marketers can expand their content and exposure which is definately awesome. Nothing like learning something new everyday and being stretched. If you want to be the best you have to learn to adapt and be maleable and you have covered that very well. Thanks dude.


Jeremy Delgado

Good to hear you like the content. You are right, we have too keep learning and expanding our knowledge. I am learning everyday, and what I learn I want to implement so I can share with others :)
Talk to ya soon and thanks for commenting!




Nice job summing up some of the ways folks can increase their web footprint. So many people stop short and miss out on a lot of free traffic by not syndicating properly (or at all).



Jeremy Delgado

Thanks Ken! I appreciate you stopping by and all the help you provide.


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