Introducing Team Mojo

Founded by a Legit $30k+/mo earner with one goal in mind:

To simplify and streamline your path to making life-changing income with the Empower Network.

Take a look at what you get:

  • Personal mentoring from one of the best bloggers in the industry
  • Viral Blogging System
  • Done-for-you squeeze pages
  • Fast start training (8 core commitments)
  • Mojo Minute daily accountability calls
  • $5k in 30 days (definitive, daily, step-by-step blueprint)
  • Proven Google page one ranking formula
  • Advanced Facebook, YouTube and press release strategies
  • Case study, how $240 turned into$17,000 (and counting)
  • Private Team Mojo Facebook group with blogging alliance
  • 24/7/365 support from within Team Mojo members area
  • Lifetime upgrades and unannounced bonuses

How much does all that cost?


It’s Free when you purchase your Empower Network Viral Blogging System, done-for-you squeeze pages, and fast start training for just $25 by clicking the button below:


Right now, I still prefer my own blog setup.

However, the squeeze pages are da booomb.

And easily worth the $25/mo themselves

Don’t see it my way? No worries.

Feel free to bypass the VBS and start with the Inner Circle.

or maybe the Costa Rica Intensive.

or maybe the $15k Formula.

or maybe the Masters Course.

No worries.  Purchasing any of the available Empower Network products or any combination in any order, will land your inspired mind on the dream team.

But — come in close, this is important…

To secure your spot on Team Mojo and lock-in the personal coaching and bonuses, make sure you See Delgado Marketing (“mlmplayboy”) on the registration page:


After verifying you see my name and affiliate ID, make sure all the boxes are checked.

You’ll might have to click on and scroll through the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Refund Policy before checking box three.

Mobile orders are a little more difficult and may not process.

And sometimes, depending on where you’re located, your bank or credit card company may flag the payment attempt because of Empowers payment processor being located in the UK.

This can also happen if you’re more than 20-miles away from the home address linked to your credit card.

Simple solution: call your cards 1-800 number and explain your situation and tell them the upcoming charges you’re about to make that you’d like to authorize.

Problem solved. Eazy Peezy!

Once I see your name come through my back office, I’ll send you an email so we can start building your online business together, immediately.

Hundreds of people are already on our team and as a company we just topped the 200,000 customer landmark.

Many people on our team with success stories don’t even resell Empower Network Products. This is a fantastic culture, having fun, personal development, and selling more of anything online.  Not just Empower Network.  Hi TROLLS that want to bash the free enterprise industry :-)

With so much interaction, learning and development, you will make friends for a lifetime with this group.

That’s what Team Mojo does.

We rank, we bank.

I’d consider us to be the stylish and realest group of bloggers and free traffic specialists on the web.

Whoop Whoop… Com’on ride that train…. and ride it

When you master SEO – and rank at the top of Google – you can sell a lot more of anything.

You can sell your current company if you have one, attract new clients if you need them, or sell sell sell what you want.

Clickiti clackiti goes your mouse below:


Still need more info about Empower Network and their blogging system?

Watch this video presentation from the Dav’s or see this product overview page.

Remember, as part of the Team Mojo fam, you’ll get personal coaching and access to everything we do on a daily basis to pull in over $35,000/mo with a BLOG.

We’ve trimmed the fat, cut the clutter and kid proofed everything.

All you hafta do is give 1-2 focused hours each day.

Get in , get serious, and let us handle the reast.

How much is it again?

Today, it’s FREE when you by your Viral Blogging System for just $25.

Or any other Empower network product in any order or combination.

No-Friggin’-brainer folks.

For reelz. Do it, do it… do it:

Click to make it official…

Your Empower Network Partner and Friend,


P.S. – If you still have questions, leave them below and I will answer them as soon as possible.