SEO For YouTube And How To Do It

by Jeremy Delgado in Internet Marketing

I was inspired to talk about optimizing your YouTube video’s because video is becoming more and more popular.

In this digital age, when we want something that can come in a digital format.  We get it.

Laptops, tablets, cell phones… watches! oh my

We are inundated with information and the only difficult part is figuring out what information to watch, read or listen to.

This brings me to the tips and tricks for the day…

With so many options viewers have regarding video, you have to do your best to make sure your video is optimized so they click on yours rather than scrolling right on by.

YouTube algorithms and spiders are probably pretty close in comparison to Google.


Because Google owns YouTube.

With that being said, let’s dive right in.

Remember, just because I broke this down with no filler and just killer stuff does not take away from it’s importance.

I just don’t like when all these fools out there write a 20-30 page E-book on these types of things when it could have been said in a few bullet points… you feel’n me?

YouTube SEO and how to do it

Title & Description

  • should contain a keyword phrase for which you want to be found.
  • Title should be no more than 66 characters.
  • Descriptions can be longer (2-3 sentences or more is fine).  It should also contain keywords and variations of keywords.
  • Include a link early on in the description because YouTube only shows a few lines when people are viewing your video without having to hit the show more option.
  • Include calls to action to drive traffic back to your site/blog.


  • provide at least 5-7 relevant keywords.
  • Tags will associate your video with similar video’s, which will show as related video’s  on the YouTube site.
  • This sometimes is a blessing and a curse.


  • Get as many eyeballs to your video in 24-48 hours.
  • YouTube likes to show people popular video’s more often which in turn can lead to “honors”, which add to the view count of your video.
  • Get views in as short of time as possible by sharing links through social media, email broadcast and other avenues.

Inbound links/Embeds

  • (links from other websites)  Embedded video’s work like an inbound link, you can view this in YouTube analytic (playback location).
  • The more websites that link/embed your video clip the more the search engines like this which in turn will help  your video rank better in the search results.


  • higher ratings & Comments are an indication of higher quality!
  • Generate as many “thumbs up” as you can.
  • Do what you can to have your subscribers and viewers “thumbs up” your video to let YouTube know you have a video that is worthy of showing, sharing and ranking.

I am sure you have been doing Google searches lately and have noticed that Google is giving a lot of search ranking space to YouTube video’s.

Google knows that people are looking for video’s more often rather than text.

Video is a fantastic way to give your content personality, swagger and stickiness.

In video you are able to differentiate yourself so much easier and faster than regular text/content.

Video gives you the ability to connect at the deepest level with your viewers and for this they will love you, follow you, share your stuff and eventually BUY from you.

If you are not using YouTube right now for your business or pleasure, you should start!

YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world and it is only getting bigger because of the mobile BOOM.

Definitely continue to write fantastic content because content will always have a place on the search engines.

Just don’t limit yourself to one syndication strategy if you are a marketer.

The more eyeballs you can get in front of the more you will be know, loved, trusted and PROFITABLE :-)

Now get out there and optimize…

Before you know it you will be a search engine surgeon and nipping/tucking your way to perfection!

Keep Calm and Keep Up,


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