January 2014

Questions Are The Answer is written for those involved or considering getting involved in network marketing.

While many people today are enjoying tremendous results from network marketing and living the life of their dreams, most are not.

What is the different?

Most people are “looking for the answers” outside of themselves when the reality is that the answers lie within us.

Michael Price goes into detail about how to start finding your “WHY”.

A lot of network marketing and MLM books and companies really talk about having a BIG “WHY”.

I think this is fantastic from a business standpoint because people do not realize how important your thinking is to your success.

When someone goes out and gets a 9 to 5 job, that corporation does not care about your thinking, all they care about is putting you in a cubicle and doing the paper pushing, number crunching, report presenting crap that is tedious and time consuming and so monotonous that you get bored after a few months there.

Network Marketing is an opportunity for someone from any background, gender, lifestyle, education and a willingness to succeed to make what they are truly worth in terms of income.

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Your First Year In Network Marketing – by Mark Yarnell

I have read this book many years ago and am pulling it off the shelve and dusting it off!

This book has so many valuable insights on what to expect, how to do things and how to think to help you succeed.

Mark Yarnell is very well known in the Network Marketing industry.

He is sort of a legend around certain circles and has a lot of great material that he writes and puts out.

This is the only book I have read by him but because if it’s content and structure, I am going to read more of him.

I wanted to bring this post to you today because more and more people are coming online as well as moving into the MLM, Network Marketing arena.

I think it is a fantastic opportunity for someone that wants to build a dream and get there faster than a 9 to 5.

A quote from the book:

We suspect that most professionals avoid our industry because it doesn’t make sense that an ordinary person with only a high school degree can become a millionaire in three years with virtually no risk and no capital.

What I like about that statement is that it is TRUE!

So many people, and I had this thinking as well… think that you have to go to school, get a good education, work for someone else and slave away in order to be successful.

What has our world come to now that a TITLE or POSITION in a company gives you merit as a good human being???

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What is the point of blogging?

Many people get into blogging for various reasons.

No matter what your reason is for blogging, you need to create an audience and drive target niche traffic.

You want to write to the exact person you think is looking and needing your information.

You want to brand yourself as a leader, authority and a center of influence to your audience.

You want your audience to know, like and trust you.

The key is to build recognition and authority.

Who is your target market, who do you want to influence?

Who is your avatar?

An avatar is something or someone used to represent that person/persona in a certain environment.

To help solve “what to blog about to make money”

Here are 4 questions to answer:

  • Who are they?
  • What to they do?
  • What’s their problem?
  • What do they want, what’s stopping them from getting what they want?

When you blog you want to blog to those questions and answer their questions.

If money and time were no longer an issue what would you do? Is a question you could ask yourself if you are the avatar you are trying to capture or get in front of.

What’s their gender?
What’s their general age?
How much money do they want to make, if they want to make more money?

Get specific on WHO your target market is, the more detailed you can get the better.

Find their hot buttons as your marketing and blogging to them.

Remember your real product is not a product, your real product is PEOPLE.

Everybody is looking for change, looking to believe in something.

Try and write down 30 different qualities of your customer in order to blog directly to them.

  1. What does the audience want?
  2. Do they want what you are marketing?

Knowing your market is very very critical.

Think about being that person and figure out what that person wants.  Get inside and become that person, share their desires, feel their emotions, grab their needs.

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My notes on Justin Verrengia and Makin Money.

I have blogged a quick summary of my takeaways from Justin Verrengia and blogging.

Justin struggled for 5 years without making any money blogging prior to the empower network platform.

If  others are blogging successfully then you CAN figure this out is Justin’s mantra.

Justin went to an event, started blogging consistently and made $26K a month.

1st year blogging pulled in a cool $191k.

Treat your blog like a million dollar business because it can pay you like a million dollar business.

How do you blog you ask?

How do you overcome your fears… you DO, you just blog.

What do I blog about?

The best part of a blog is it does not matter, you just blog and at the end of the day you just get traffic to your blog and see what resonates with people coming to your blog.

What are some topics to blog about?

An example could be Books you have read, movies you have seen but most important write from the heart and be passionate about it.

Share your story!

Blog daily!

You have to blog everyday.

Verrengia blogged everyday and between 90-120 days things started to happen.

Not much happened in those 90-120 days, but he got a little traffic and eyeballs inside that 90-120 days.

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What Is a Blog

A blog is a database that you feed on a daily basis so the search engines will feed your information to the people that are looking for what you have. A blog (a truncation of the expression web log) is a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web and consisting of discrete […]

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SEO For YouTube And How To Do It

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