Your First Year In Network Marketing

by Jeremy Delgado in Network Marketing

Your First Year In Network Marketing – by Mark Yarnell

I have read this book many years ago and am pulling it off the shelve and dusting it off!

This book has so many valuable insights on what to expect, how to do things and how to think to help you succeed.

Mark Yarnell is very well known in the Network Marketing industry.

He is sort of a legend around certain circles and has a lot of great material that he writes and puts out.

This is the only book I have read by him but because if it’s content and structure, I am going to read more of him.

I wanted to bring this post to you today because more and more people are coming online as well as moving into the MLM, Network Marketing arena.

I think it is a fantastic opportunity for someone that wants to build a dream and get there faster than a 9 to 5.

A quote from the book:

We suspect that most professionals avoid our industry because it doesn’t make sense that an ordinary person with only a high school degree can become a millionaire in three years with virtually no risk and no capital.

What I like about that statement is that it is TRUE!

So many people, and I had this thinking as well… think that you have to go to school, get a good education, work for someone else and slave away in order to be successful.

What has our world come to now that a TITLE or POSITION in a company gives you merit as a good human being???

Think about it… when a friend or family member introduces someone as a manager, Sr. something, or analyst… people raise their eyebrows like that is a big deal.  When a family member introduces someone that is a mlm’er or network marketer people look at them funny like something is wrong or worse…. they run the other way :-)

In hindsight someone with a TITLE seems like they are accomplished when in fact they hate what they do, they are under paid and are always looking for something different that pays more.

The Network market on the other hand is making a decent income FROM HOME and is happy in their business/line of profession and has a vision and hope of making hundreds of thousands of dollars a month.

The EMPLOYEE doesn’t even think about that much money in a month, they have limited thinking, narrow mindedness that I MUST work for someone else in order to succeed… and worse of all they LOST hope in ever making big money.

I heard a saying once from another book I was reading…

If you don’t have your own dreams, you will always work be working in someone elses. None I don’t know how others take this but I took it as… create something for you or you will always be creating something for someone else.  OUCH!

Sorry about that, back to the book :-)

Your First Year In Network Marketing goes over:

  • Rejection
  • Management
  • Depression
  • False Expectations
  • Warm Lists
  • Scatter Brained
  • Meetings
  • Plugging In
  • Deflecting

What is cool about this book is that it gives a summary after every chapter.

Now this summary is fantastic for people like me because I take in so much information at once I sometimes miss some of the important parts.

The summary gives you quick bullet points on what the chapter was about and a short summary on spots that you might need to read again or may have missed the first time.

Some of the book still has the “old school” thinking in terms of prospecting.

Make a list of friends and family, 10 foot rule, home meetings, white board presentations, drop cards, hang out in stores and stalk people :-)

Now I am sure you are aware that things have changed since this book was published.

These methods I am sure still work for certain people, but if we are honest with ourselves, no one really wants to do that stuff!

The internet and the sales funnel has changed the game.

People are building business quicker, easier and more efficiently.

The internet has allowed individuals to reach all round the globe and make money LITERALLY while you are sleeping.

With video, articles and social media you can have these avenues of marketing doing all the telling and selling for you.

I will leave that for another post though.

Back to the book… man I am trying hard to stay on topic.  Must be the Rockstar energy drink I had prior to typing….BOOOM

Another big part of Mark Yarnell’s “Your First Year In Network Marketing” is mindset.

The book talks and goes into detail on why you have to think positive an how you should focus.

People do not realize that mindset and personal development is a HUGE part of this industry.

Remember when you join network marketing or MLM you are going against the grain.

People look at you funny, or gawk at whey you would do something like that.

They even say stupid shit like… isn’t that a pyramid scheme… I thought all those were ponzi scheme’s!

What type of shit is that about the who “pyramid” thing?

Don’t people look at their J.O.B and see that there is a president, vice president, supervisor, managers, then employees?


Anyways, back to the book

Overall the book is a fantastic read and Mark Yarnell really knows his stuff.

The book is a very easy read and to be honest you probably could finish it in a day if you plowed through it and had time.

I recommend you pick up this book and then you come and comment on your findings, thoughts, actions and maybe even life changing events that happened.

That’s all for now.

See you on the beaches of the world,



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