Grant Cardone – Sell to Survive Review

by Jeremy Delgado in Affiliate Marketing

I am reading sell to survive by Grant Cardone.

Sell to survive: This book is about how to get more done in your life through selling and to show the reader how success is impossible without understanding the concepts of selling.

Like I mentioned in previous posts/video’s, Grant Cardone is motivating me and pushing me to expand my horizons as well as step out of my comfort zone.

Grant has a way of speaking to the reader and making things very easy to comprehend.

In the book sell to survive Grant breaks things down and shows you that selling is everything and no matter what you are doing you are selling.

A lot of people have a bad feeling when they think of sales people but the book points this out and shows you that selling is probably one of the most Nobel professions.

Sales let’s you create wealth and let’s you get paid for what you are worth.

In sales if you work hard and close you get paid more. If you are in a position where you pay is capped by a salary, it does not matter how hard you work or how much better you are to the company than the other guy in the next cubicle but you will only make what your salary allows.

This book sell to survive is a recommended read and will change your view on selling.  If you liked selling before you will LOVE selling now! after reading this book.

Check out the book and leave your comments below,


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