Quick Email Clutter Tips

by Jeremy Delgado in Internet Marketing

Have you ever felt like your email is getting out of hand?

All kinds of advertisers pulling for your intentions…

Random companies dropping coupons, deals and fake fire sales :)

Recently I went through a blast of unsubscribing to get rid of all the email clutter.

I finally felt that my email was getting out of control and eventually I was just reading emails to read them.

You know that feeling you get when you get something new and you are excited to see what it was?

I think we are so attached to our email now that we almost feel less important if we don’t get tons and tons of emails even if they are just junk and needless crap to read or look at.

I finally pulled the trigger and unsubscribed from all the lists, all the alerts, all the deals and all the crap that just eat up my time.

To be honest it felt really good to get off of lists and emails that I have been on for many years.

The funny thing is that as I unsubscribed I noticed that I have not read an email from these providers for a very very long time.

I kept thinking to myself why I stayed on these lists for sooooo long?

For some crazy reason I got so use to the emails that I almost felt like I would LOSE out on something if I did not receive them.

I use to get 20-40 emails a day by the time it was 9am.

Now i get 5-10 because I unsubscribed from so many.

Life is good again and now checking email is refreshing cause I can get in and out and know that I am only getting info that I really really want.

I recommend you start unsubscribing from all those lists even if you don’t want to.

Drop all the guru’s and product sellers that are just dowsing you with information that you probably will never use and that is probably taking your attention away from what you really want to do.

Free yourself from the clutter!

See you on the other side,


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