Questions Are The Answer – book by Michael Price

by Jeremy Delgado in Empower Network

Questions Are The Answer is written for those involved or considering getting involved in network marketing.

While many people today are enjoying tremendous results from network marketing and living the life of their dreams, most are not.

What is the different?

Most people are “looking for the answers” outside of themselves when the reality is that the answers lie within us.

Michael Price goes into detail about how to start finding your “WHY”.

A lot of network marketing and MLM books and companies really talk about having a BIG “WHY”.

I think this is fantastic from a business standpoint because people do not realize how important your thinking is to your success.

When someone goes out and gets a 9 to 5 job, that corporation does not care about your thinking, all they care about is putting you in a cubicle and doing the paper pushing, number crunching, report presenting crap that is tedious and time consuming and so monotonous that you get bored after a few months there.

Network Marketing is an opportunity for someone from any background, gender, lifestyle, education and a willingness to succeed to make what they are truly worth in terms of income.

In the corporate world, so many talented people make below their pay grade due to the fact that the old school thinking of “working your way up the ladder” is still present.

In MLM, if you are a star and someone that has high value to bring to the table and can help get people what they want, you can be earning CEO income in no time.

Questions Are The Answer goes into detail regarding:

  • Create a Compelling Future and Momentum
  • How to Create Empowering Beliefs
  • Network Marketing
  • The “You” Factor

Michael Price touches on all the hot points of the industry and how to better help you serve the community, team and yourself.

Believe it or not our brain has tons and tons of questions running through it all the time.

Questions are the answer helps you focus attention, drill down on what makes you tick and helps you pull out what is burning deep down in your belly on WHY you want to succeed so bad.

“you must be the change you wish to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi

In the mindset section of the book Michael Price helps you battle the tennis match in your head.

If you are in the network marketing niche already or just getting started you will figure out that DOUBT creeps into your head once in a while and you have to learn how to deflect it.

Sometimes simple questions on “why am I thinking like this” can be answered simply by asking yourself why do you think you are thinking like this?

A great example that he points out in the book is:

Unfortunately, most people focus on why something isn’t working rather than what they would need to believe in order to achieve the success they desire.  Therefore, a great question is, “What would I need to believe in order to be successful with my network marketing opportunity?”

Now I know that sounds simple but sometimes the simplest things create the biggest breakthroughs.

What is really nice about the book is it gives you space to fill in your answers after it asks you the questions to think about.

I think DOING is a huge part of this book.

Sometimes people just read books to read books… I catch myself doing this also!

But Questions Are The Answer has you doing little homework assignments after every deep questions answered that allows you to dig deeper inside you to help you find your inspiration.

Michael Price also talks about modeling successful people, and doing things that help you cut the learning curve so it does not take you as long to “get to the promise land”.

Overall, I really think you should pick up this book in hard copy or pdf.

It is definitely worth the read.

This book is praised by the likes of John Milton Fogg, Tom “Big Al” Schreiter and many other heavy hitters in the Network Marketing industry.

Invest more in you, because you are the best possible investment to make!


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