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Grant Cardone

I found a fella that I have been following through youtube video’s and his name is Grant Cardone! I have been watching his youtube video’s and the speeches he have been giving. Grant is so motivational to me… This dude tells it like it is and he tells you straight forward to stop being a […]

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Quick Email Clutter Tips

Have you ever felt like your email is getting out of hand? All kinds of advertisers pulling for your intentions… Random companies dropping coupons, deals and fake fire sales :) Recently I went through a blast of unsubscribing to get rid of all the email clutter. I finally felt that my email was getting out […]

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Quick Review on Les Brown the Motivator

Les Brown is one of my favorite motivational speakers. I have been reading Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Earl Nightingale for some time not but for some reason I have just come across Les Brown. I was just doing some general YouTube searching on motivational videos and Les Brown showed up. I watched one of his […]

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12 Year Old Kid Makes $12,000 With Empower Network

In Chicago at one of the Empower Network Events a young kid jumped on stage and told his story. The audience was just in awe of the opportunity Empower Network is as well as how AMAZING this 12 year old boy was at generating an income for himself and his family. Everyone always has excuses […]

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Empower Network Compensation Plan {Quick Breakdown}

 Ladies and Gentlemen! Empower Network uses something called a “coded bonus” compensation plan. The jest of it is… Once you become an affiliate of Empower Network, you have the ability to earn commissions off any product you sell in there limited product line. The limited product line is fantastic because it does not confuse people […]

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Nerium, the Direct Selling/MLM Advantage, and Empower Network

Direct sales means selling a product or service directly to the customer. It is also sometimes paired with  MLM – multilevel marketing – in which customers who buy products also become vendors. This makes sense when you think about it – if you’re buying products directly from a company – avoiding the markups and middle […]

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Origami Owl Review – Who’s Your Daddy?

Origami Owl is right up there with a number of other truly stunning teenage entrepreneur success stories bouncing around these days. Youthful Arizona native Isabella “Bella” Weems founded the company, which sells jewelry through a network of independent jewelry makers, at the tender age of 14. That was only a few short years ago, after […]

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Break Through Your Barriers, Become a Success

In this post I’m gonna be sharing some nice, juicy concepts with you that I’ve learned over the past few years and I’ve really embraced in the past few months. This is gonna be like the filet Mignon of all mindset techniques (sorry vegans) so I want you to pull up a chair and enjoy […]

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Questions Are The Answer – book by Michael Price

Questions Are The Answer is written for those involved or considering getting involved in network marketing. While many people today are enjoying tremendous results from network marketing and living the life of their dreams, most are not. What is the different? Most people are “looking for the answers” outside of themselves when the reality is […]

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Your First Year In Network Marketing

Your First Year In Network Marketing – by Mark Yarnell I have read this book many years ago and am pulling it off the shelve and dusting it off! This book has so many valuable insights on what to expect, how to do things and how to think to help you succeed. Mark Yarnell is […]

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