Origami Owl Review – Who’s Your Daddy?

by Jeremy Delgado in MLM Company Reviews

Origami Owl is right up there with a number of other truly stunning teenage entrepreneur success stories bouncing around these days.

Youthful Arizona native Isabella “Bella” Weems founded the company, which sells jewelry through a network of independent jewelry makers, at the tender age of 14.

That was only a few short years ago, after she had told her parents that she hoped they would buy her a car on her 16th birthday.

It seems mom and dad weren’t into indulging Bella’s every whim. They told her that if she wanted a car she should earn the money for one herself, and suggested she start a business.

Given the way things turned out, that was some of the best parenting she could have received.

Bella had earned a few hundred dollars doing – you guessed it – babysitting, her parents matched these funds, and she used the money to buy some jewelry materials.

Soon she began making lockets and selling them at boutiques, parties, and jewelry shows.

They were a hit, and the business began to take off.  Soon Bella was able to open a kiosk at the local mall.

Business really kicked into high gear with a wave of black Friday sales, and she was on her way to larger scale business earnings.

One thing led to another, and the company climbed up with astonishing speed into the major leagues of the business world.

The company Bella Weems formed from modest beginnings has ascended to stunning heights in a short period of time.

In 2012 Origami Owl generated $24 million in revenue.

In 2013, that figure multiplied by about 10 times – coming in around $250 million!

It now has hundreds of employees, a high level CEO, and a physical manufacturing plant in Chandler, Arizona.

Bella is finishing up high school and is interning at her own company during the summer.

The company uses a direct sales model in which independent “designers” create and sell jewelry in association with the company.

It thus offers an entrepreneurial opportunity to jewelry enthusiasts as well as a varied line of innovative jewelry to end buyers everywhere.

The designers buy discounted jewelry components from Origami Owl and then resell them for a profit through whatever avenues work for them.

A lesson for entrepreneurs everywhere is that effective networking is the way to go.

Origami Owl has networking written all over it.

The earliest networks Bella used consisted of family and friends.

Her network soon expanded to individuals and business owners in her general area.

Thereafter, her network began to include the independent designers and a vast array of other business contacts.

Her products got the exposure they needed from this sort of networking activity.

Networking is always in some way involved in successful business enterprises.

If you, the reader, wish to be an entrepreneur, especially in the internet age, you need a platform and method that will allow your product to be seen and known about.

It’s perfectly fine to get the networking ball rolling on your own, starting blogs, personal networks, and various marketing and social interaction strategies that you devise.

Another route to consider is facilitation-based turnkey sites that help start up entrepreneurs to get the multi-leveled contact connectivity they require.

While “multilevel marketing (MLM)” has something of a questionable reputation by now, if done correctly, it is the very essence of networking – getting people involved in selling your product or service so that both you and they benefit.

This is exactly what Bella Weems did and it is what allowed her business to skyrocket.

One such site is Empower Network.

Empower Network is designed to propel business networks forward.

It provides the kind of connectivity and comprehensive, integrated package that, if used correctly, can really make the difference in how much exposure a business gets.

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