Network Marketing

In If You’re Not First, You’re Last Grant goes over 13 things that will help you advance and conquer your situation.

I am not going to give you the 13 things in detail here because Grant talks about them in the book pretty in-depth.

All I can say or recommend is getting the book, put the 13 ideas/techniques into place and you will be on your way to advancing and conquering your situation and the economy around you.

Crush it,



Your First Year In Network Marketing – by Mark Yarnell

I have read this book many years ago and am pulling it off the shelve and dusting it off!

This book has so many valuable insights on what to expect, how to do things and how to think to help you succeed.

Mark Yarnell is very well known in the Network Marketing industry.

He is sort of a legend around certain circles and has a lot of great material that he writes and puts out.

This is the only book I have read by him but because if it’s content and structure, I am going to read more of him.

I wanted to bring this post to you today because more and more people are coming online as well as moving into the MLM, Network Marketing arena.

I think it is a fantastic opportunity for someone that wants to build a dream and get there faster than a 9 to 5.

A quote from the book:

We suspect that most professionals avoid our industry because it doesn’t make sense that an ordinary person with only a high school degree can become a millionaire in three years with virtually no risk and no capital.

What I like about that statement is that it is TRUE!

So many people, and I had this thinking as well… think that you have to go to school, get a good education, work for someone else and slave away in order to be successful.

What has our world come to now that a TITLE or POSITION in a company gives you merit as a good human being???

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