If You’re Not First, You’re Last

by Jeremy Delgado in Affiliate Marketing

What did you think about when you read the blog post?

Have you seen Talladega nights with Will Farrell…

Well that is not what this blog post is about and that is not what my video review went over.

If you’re not first, you’re last is a book by Grant Cardone that goes over ways to start thinking differently…

Start acting differently, and most importantly start winning!

“In the real world, not everyone gets a prize just for showing up. You either win or you lose. If you’re in business during a down economy, winning means one thing: being first.

This will become your playbook for boosting sales, increasing margins, and creating new opportunities no matter the economy. Let your rivals complain about miserable selling climates! They can hide beneath their excuses as you dominate your market.”

The quick video recap goes over If you’re not first, you’re last and why you should read it.

Grant Cardone has a handful of books that I recommend everyone that sells for a living or that wants to just learn to sell and do it correctly…. need to read his books.

The book is a quick read and written in conversational tone in plain English.

The Playboy says get it and read it!


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