12 Year Old Kid Makes $12,000 With Empower Network

by Jeremy Delgado in Empower Network

In Chicago at one of the Empower Network Events a young kid jumped on stage and told his story.

The audience was just in awe of the opportunity Empower Network is as well as how AMAZING this 12 year old boy was at generating an income for himself and his family.

Everyone always has excuses for themselves when it comes to their financial situation and their life.

We need more video’s like this to let us know that ANYTHING is possible.

We need to apply ourselves and see what cannot be seen.

We have to move toward something bigger than us.

Have you seen that show “are you smarter than a 5th grader”?

Because of this boy the new show coming to a television near you is going to be “can you make more than a 12 year old” :)

Ladies and gentleman, right in front of you is the opportunity of a lifetime.

I am not trying to sell you, I am just telling you that you have to look at something that is taking over the industry as well as the internet.

I don’t really care what you get into to be honest, I just want you to get into something… get into something that can add another income stream to your bottom line.

Life is short…

It’s time to live it

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Love this video and the whole story… very inspiring


Jeremy Delgado

Thanks Di!
Keep up the good work and you are going to blow it out of the water. Success is coming for you :)


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