March 2014

Les Brown is one of my favorite motivational speakers.

I have been reading Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Earl Nightingale for some time not but for some reason I have just come across Les Brown.

I was just doing some general YouTube searching on motivational videos and Les Brown showed up.

I watched one of his video’s and before you know it I was 10 videos in and still loving every minute of it.

Les has a way of explaining things that resonates with me very very well.

As one of the world’s most renowned motivational speakers, Les Brown is a dynamic personality and highly-sought-after resource in business and professional circles for Fortune 500 CEOs, small business owners, non-profit and community leaders from all sectors of society looking to expand opportunity.

What I really like about Les is that he rhyme’s a lot in his delivery.

He talks about how he use to be a DJ and the stories he tells while he was DJ’ing is hilarious.

If you don’t know who Les Brown is, I recommend you watch him NOW…. you will love it!

I am taking notes on his video’s and will implement his delivery and humor into my speaking engagements soon :)

Peace and Prosperity,



In Chicago at one of the Empower Network Events a young kid jumped on stage and told his story.

The audience was just in awe of the opportunity Empower Network is as well as how AMAZING this 12 year old boy was at generating an income for himself and his family.

Everyone always has excuses for themselves when it comes to their financial situation and their life.

We need more video’s like this to let us know that ANYTHING is possible.

We need to apply ourselves and see what cannot be seen.

We have to move toward something bigger than us.

Have you seen that show “are you smarter than a 5th grader”?

Because of this boy the new show coming to a television near you is going to be “can you make more than a 12 year old” :)

Ladies and gentleman, right in front of you is the opportunity of a lifetime.

I am not trying to sell you, I am just telling you that you have to look at something that is taking over the industry as well as the internet.

I don’t really care what you get into to be honest, I just want you to get into something… get into something that can add another income stream to your bottom line.

Life is short…

It’s time to live it

Click the partner link up top to the right and I will see you on the other side.



 Ladies and Gentlemen!

Empower Network uses something called a “coded bonus” compensation plan.

The jest of it is…

Once you become an affiliate of Empower Network, you have the ability to earn commissions off any product you sell in there limited product line.

The limited product line is fantastic because it does not confuse people like other companies with TONS and TONS of products and it’s like you have to decipher a code in order to figure out what product to sell that will bring you the most money and commissions.

Empower network pays your sponsor every 2, 4, 6 and every 5th sale after that.

It might seem confusing but it is not.  As you can see there is a video above this quick/short breakdown that goes into greater detail about the Empower Network compensation plan.

The main thing you need to know is that it is quite possibly the best compensation plan in the industry.

I know you hear that from anyone but coming from someone like myself, with many years of experience and TONS of knowledge in the field.

I have NEVER seen so many people come into Empower Network and make the kind of money they are making so quickly.

The Empower Network compensation plan is fantastic and it only gets better.

The products Empower Network has are by far the best nutz and boltz teachings that are in the market right now.

The founders Dave & Dave have put so much time and effort into the business it is amazing.

Dave and Dave could literally walk away from the business right now and have others run the company and never EVER have to worry about money again… but that is not their strategy or thought!  Dave and Dave are in the trenches, building the business themselves as affiliates as well as leaders of the company.

If you are ready to get on a train that is going faster than anyone can imagine…

It’s time to get on board…. choo chooo –> click for your ticket

Let’s make some money together,



Direct sales means selling a product or service directly to the customer.

It is also sometimes paired with  MLM – multilevel marketing – in which customers who buy products also become vendors.

This makes sense when you think about it – if you’re buying products directly from a company – avoiding the markups and middle men – why shouldn’t you resell them?

This helps the company market its product to a wider audience and puts money in your pocket as well.

It even offers opportunities for potentially large earnings – again both for the original seller/supplier and the consumer/sales agent.

Direct sales/MLM is a concept that is fairly well established by now. The internet and the evolution of marketing thought in general have encouraged a type of business interaction that is”networky.”

The direct selling/MLM approach is a win-win sales model – everyone gets involved and the traditional seller to consumer pattern is made more participatory and egalitarian.

Though the idea has been around for a while (consider how long, say, Amway and Avon have been going) its still a good thing for entrepreneurs – whether they are starting out from humble beginnings or as seasoned business people – to reflect on and study, both by considering its basic philosophy and by studying concrete examples.

Let’s take as a case in point a company called Nerium International.

NeriumAD is a product that is revolutionizing anti aging/skin care.

Using ingredients from the Nerium Oleander flower, it is highly effective in making wrinkles and rough skin disappear.

The product, and the company that now sells it, were stumbled upon more or less accidentally when scientists at Nerium Biotech discovered the flower’s skin enhancing properties.

They learned to extract the key ingredients from the plant and developed a skin cream product that they hoped to market in traditional ways.

However, they reconsidered, joined forces with a direct sales guru named Jeff Olson (now the CEO of Nerium International) and developed a direct selling/MLM marketing model.

The company sells the astoundingly effective skin cream to grateful customers (both women and men), and these enthusiastic adherents to the product resell it on the sheer strength of its quality.

They usually say the product sells itself.

The approach has had spectacular results, leading Nerium International to millions in annual sales and ever increasing numbers of devoted customer/sellers.

An integral factor in direct selling/MLM is the idea of cooperative effort, of win-win, of an arrangement that boosts sales while also creating friendly and mutually beneficial business associations.

The overall lesson here is that if you have a product or service that you would like to sell, consider approaching it in this way, and consider working with internet sites, networks, and utilities that emphasize this sort of approach.

One such internet presence is Empower Network – a combined blogging platform, multilevel marketing network, and educational resource that helps entrepreneurs of all types get their direct marketing messages out to an increasingly wide audience, learn expert techniques, and kick their businesses into high gear.

The key here is the multileveled, cooperative, network based model on which the system is founded.

Nothing is handed to anyone without effort – the work, creativity, and drive are all your own.

But the process is greatly facilitated and streamlined by Empower’s savvy and expertise as in the direct sales/MLM field.

Effective direct sales and MLM networking is something that takes focus and energy.

It can be done in any number of ways, and they all, finally, come down to how much energy the individual is willing to put into the venture.

The nice thing about Empower Network is that it helps to facilitate this process, drawing on the know-how, experience, and technological sophistication that come with the internet’s evolution as a marketing force.

Check out Empower Network – it just may be the vehicle that takes your business to the top!



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