February 2014

In this post I’m gonna be sharing some nice, juicy concepts with you that I’ve learned over the past few years and I’ve really embraced in the past few months.

This is gonna be like the filet Mignon of all mindset techniques (sorry vegans) so I want you to pull up a chair and enjoy this meal.

And if, by the time you’ve read to the end of this post, you don’t get it. READ IT UNTIL YOU DO!

This shift in mindset could change your whole life and like I said it’s taken me YEARS to fully grasp…but I’d rather it took you just 30 mins.

I think the best way to explain what I’m going to teach you is through a story.

This is a story of two young men, both trying to make it in this big bad world and where they end up.

Jeff and Mason were both bright eyed boys who grew up together in the same suburban neighborhood of (Imagine its  a real neighborhood).

They loved to go outside and play whether it was so sunny that they were tan in an hour or so rainy that they didn’t even bother putting on a jacket cause they knew it’d be soaked anyways.

It was a delightful childhood with many of the young dramas we’ve all been through like failing a test, going on their first date, and joining sports teams.

Then just like that they were all grown up and headed off to college.

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