December 2013

Have you ever wondered if there are leads, like’s, G+’s or twitter shout outs that you were leaving on the table?

Well you are if you are not repurposing your content.

What I mean by that is, many people are using different search engines and platforms to find what they want.

Not everyone is using google like we think…

Example, yesterday I was looking for the best way to compress my photo’s for my blog.

I did a search on yahoo answers because I knew if I was looking for something someone else before me probably was as well.

Also, I needed to figure out how to use a new keyword tool so I went to youtube and typed in “how to use…”

What I mean by this is everyone uses something different to find what they want.

Why should you as an internet marketer only use one avenue of content syndication?

I will list a couple things you could do to increase your awareness and brand on the internet with your ALREADY created content.

Create slides with bullet points of popular posts/content you have and upload it to slideshare.

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Have you ever wondered “how to be an affiliate marketer without a website”?

Day in and day out people go online looking for a better opportunity or a way to make money from home.

Affiliate marketing, internet marketing niche is one of the most sought after niches on the internet.

Individuals are starting to realize that the internet is not going anywhere, and making money online is achievable.

Aspiring entrepreneurs are getting smarter and smarter as the days go by.  High level executives to pizza delivery boys are jumping online to find the freedom lifestyle people talk so much about.

There is not a day that goes buy if you are online you see some blogger, internet personality or youtube video in the news.

It’s time for you to get your feet wet

Many new affiliates see a website or blog as a cock block to the prize :)  This is clever thinking and definitely not something someone like me would do to an internet besti… holla achya boy!

Let me tell you about a way to become an affiliate marketer without a website, needing to know code or customer service.

There is something called direct linking

What direct linking does is gives you a special link that is coded to you as an affiliate.

This special “link” or ” code at the end of the domain name or tracking link is tied to your information and tells the company or business that you are promoting that you are the one that captured the lead, made the sale or generated the call in.

With direct linking you don’t have to worry about setting things up (website), creating content (copy writing), customer service (pain in the a$$).

Direct linking is fantastic to get started with as an affiliate marketer because you can test the waters with new products, free trials, or zip submits.

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The one big question everyone asks is “what is empower network”?

I will do my best to explain Empower Network to you the way that I believe and understand it…

Empower Network is an education and training business with an internet marketing spin.

Individuals (also called empower network affiliates) get an opportunity to learn from two individuals, David Wood & David Sharpe the principals and strategies that helped them get from rags to riches. See their story at -> David Wood & David Sharpe what-is-empower-network-picThe Empower Network System is laid out in an educational form where you follow step by step tutorials and training. The trainings are fit for individuals who are just starting out as well as individuals looking for more advanced topics or techniques. Inside Empower Network Products you will find a blogging system, business training, personal development training and marketing training.

Who can benefit from Empower Network and it’s products?

  • Business owners that need to know how to market online
  • all self employed individuals looking to market themselves
  • Any MLM, Network Marketing, home business owner that wants to learn how to generate leads online for their primary business
  • anyone that is looking for a way to make money online from home

I will give a little quick empower network review on what I have discussed above and what the products solve: [Click here to continue…]


Empowered People!

This is Delgado coming to you live from my home office, sitting in the dark around 12am writing to let you know that I am a New uncle again =}

My brother and sister in law have just had their 2nd child, a boy that came out at 9lbs 7oz and 21 inches long!!!!!

I am sooo excited I cannot sleep!

I am 6.5 hours away from them so I have to wait till the weekend to see my new nephew but they sent me a few pictures that I have included here.

I love babies, I love them soo much!

I truly feel that babies bring out the best in everyone and make everyone feel ok with being goofy around them… like making baby noises and stuff like that, even though it can be annoying at times, it always brings a smile to my face seeing adults and kids interact with babies with such love and care.

I am sitting here in the dark typing away with excitement because not only did I get a new nephew today… though they don’t have a name so I cannot call him by a name yet but I also made a HUGE commitment today!


I have made a commitment to myself the way my brother and sister in law made a commitment to be the best parents possible for the new little guy.

I will be using the empower network platform to the best of my ability!  I am going to go and complete or…. start the 8 core concepts that they always talk about as well as make a commitment to FINISH them.

I am also, going to start a video blog or write/update everyone on a daily basis or regularly on what is going on in my life as well as what I can do to help each and every one of you guys/gals reach your goals or overcome your hurdles if you have any.

I am super excited but very nervous about this journey!  I am a really private guy about my personal life to be honest.

My life is pretty dang good but I don’t like sharing it with people I don’t know.  I do believe in people and feel that this journey is going to be so exhilarating as well as such a learning process that I am excited about the whole thing.

I think opening myself up to the world is going to allow the world to open up to me and I am going to experience so much that I have been missing.

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